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About Nanipops

Nanipops Inc. is a family operated business with Nani, her husband, four children, two of their spouses, a grandson, grand daughter and great grandma all making contributions. Located in Shinglehouse, PA, Nanipops makes hand-painted chocolate lollipops used for gifts, greeting cards, ornaments, business advertisement, weddings and showers, and as fundraisers to help schools and non-profits raise needed funds.

It is our hope to use chocolate art to accomplish three purposes:

1) To give you a way to say “it” with chocolate!
2) To provide a unique product that will enhance the identity of our local area.
3) To create jobs for area residents.

Painting your lollipops exactly like you want them often requires communication between you and us. We thought the candid pictures below  might make you more comfortable when contacting us. We are just ordinary people on this end—wanting to help you find a way to say it with chocolate!






Free pdf E-Book: Beans Again!  The family pictures above are missing Great Grandpa Jim. He passed away March, 2004. Beans Again is based on his life as a 12 year old during the great depression. It was written for his grand children and great grand children so they will understand the heritage he left our family. If you are a lover of history in story form, you may find it entertaining. In many ways, this heritage is the reason Nanipops exists.