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Wedding Favor

General  Questions

Can I make color and flavor selections on any product?Match your wedding colors!
We are constantly adding design choices to the website. If you would like to make a specific selection and there are no choices given, or not the right choices given, you are always welcome to contact us and explain your preference. It is our intent to give you a way to say almost anything with chocolate. 

When matching specific colors for wedding favors or other lollipops, we understand there are many varites of green, or purple etc.  We invite you to contact us with specific color choices. 

Do I have to choose colors and flavors?  No.  If you are not concerned with specific colors, just add the lollipop to your cart without making selections.  You will receive a lollipop with similar colors of the one you clicked on.   Milk chocolate is the default flavor.

When will you ship my order?
Orders ship on Monday through Wednesday in order to prevent sitting in hot mail trucks over the weekend. Most orders ship out in 2-3 business days.
When you order lollipops for a fundraiser or favors for a specific event, the date you need them is specified on the order. We make every effort to ship them out at least a week before the date specified.  We ship nationwide summer and winter. 

Does Nanipops ship in the warm months?

Why are some lollipops different prices on different pages Lollipop sizes:  Long Stem/Standard/Mini
when they look like the same lollipop?
Weight, color detail, type of wrapping and packaging all contribute to the final cost.

What is the difference between a long stem and standard size lollipop? 
The basic difference between a long stem lollipop and a standard size one is the long stem lollipop has more chocolate and a longer stick.

What are Nanipops made out of?
The taste is as important to us as the artwork. We use a high grade of confectionary coatings for all our products. The milk and dark flavors have cocoa as an ingredient, but the colors do not. Please contact us for a sample!  

Can I pick up my order?
Pre-arranged pick-ups will be honored. Walk-ins are welcome, but we cannot promise to meet your needs without suitable notice. If you have ordered online and wish to pick your order up, you may select the “pick-up” selection on the order confirmation page. No charge for shipping will be added.

What do I do if merchandise is damaged in shipment?
Call, e mail or write within 5 days of receipt of merchandise. Return damaged product.

Where is Nanipops located?
113 N. Pleasant St., P. O. Box 316, Shinglehouse, PA 16748


Fund Raising questions

How does a Nanipops Fundraiser work? Quick and Easy Fundraising
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1) You order the number of boxes you need. The boxes arrive ready to sell.
2) You pass out the boxes to those who are helping you sell. The customers pick out what they want and pay immediately.
3) You collect the money. Your profit is instant at the point of sale.

How does Nanipops make fundraising painless, practical and profitable?
1) It’s a cash and carry operation. Each box of hand-painted chocolate lollipops arrives ready to sell. Most of the work involved in normal fundraisers—such as taking orders, sorting orders, delivering orders, and correcting wrong orders--is eliminated.
2) Nanipops hand-painted chocolate lollipops make great gifts, making your sales increase easily.
3) The hand-painted chocolate lollipops are inexpensive, so any one can contribute to your cause without hardship to their budget, increasing your market potential.
4) You receive a 40% profit, no minimum order required! Your profit is immediate at the point of sale.

Who uses Nanipops fundraisers?
Schools and Non-Profits.
Public and Private School Parent/Teacher Associations, Proms, Music Boosters, Sports Boosters, Class Trips, Multiple School Clubs, Educational Trips.
Special Olympics, Boy Scouts, Cancer Society, Girl Scouts, Homeschoolers, Crisis Centers, Rotary Clubs, Hospitals, 4 H Club, Day Cares, Fire Dept, Youth Groups, Prison Ministries, Libraries, YMCA, Alumni Associations. Kids earning their way on Mission Trips, Summer Camp, and Kingdom Bound,

Can I have a custom logo made?
We can make a custom mold from almost any picture or logo you send us. The average one time cost for a custom mold is $200, and the cost of lollipops is additional.
Before you choose the custom lollipop option, consider this. It may be difficult to sell the logo to people outside of your organization. A logo lollipop is great for a banquet favor or a give-away type of advertisement for your cause. To raise money, you might have more success choosing lollipops that have general appeal to the people who will be your customers. If desired, and for no extra charge, Nanipops can place a label on the front of any of our lollipops that has the name and contact information of your organization. A picture of the logo can be included on the label if there is room. This enables you to spread information about your organization while at the same time raising funds.

Can I return what I don’t use?
No food products can be returned unless the problem is due to a Nanipops error.